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Research and Projects

At BONAI, we are engaged in a variety of exciting research projects aimed at uncovering the mysteries of Bonaire’s history. From excavations at ancient settlements to studies of underwater archaeology, our research covers a wide range of topics. Explore our ongoing and completed projects to learn more about our findings and discoveries.

News and Events

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and events from BONAI! From exciting new research findings to upcoming lectures, exhibitions, and field trips, there’s always something happening at BONAI. Check back regularly for updates and announcements.

Educational Programs

Education is a core part of our mission at BONAI. We offer a variety of educational programs and resources for schools, students, and the general public. From guided tours of archaeological sites to hands-on workshops and educational materials, our programs are designed to inspire curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of Bonaire’s history and heritage.

Tanki Maraka

Heritage Park Tanki Maraka

The Tanki Maraka Open-Air Museum, also known as Parke di Herensia Tanki Maraka or Tanki Maraka Heritage Park, located on Bonaire along the road to Rincon, 8.5 km north of Kralendijk, is a museum site dedicated to World War II, once the site of an American military base. Visitors can explore the remnants of the military base via a walking route, engage in a museum game, and view over 30 panels with visual materials highlighting Bonaire’s role in wartime history. The park, equipped with facilities such as benches, tables, and barbecue pits, is freely accessible. Established in 2015 following military archaeological research led by Jay Haviser of the Bonaire Archaeological Institute (BONAI), the museum provides insights into Bonaire’s military history and the island’s involvement during World War II. BONAI continues to maintain the site, ensuring its preservation and accessibility to the public.

How to Help

Interested in supporting our work? There are many ways to get involved with BONAI! Whether you’re interested in volunteering your time, making a donation, or becoming a corporate sponsor, your support helps us continue our important work of preserving Bonaire’s history for future generations.

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