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The Bonaire Archaeology Institute provides a unique and captivating service to connect the island’s rich history to the younger generation in a completely new way. Through educational programs and interactive workshops, youth can fully immerse themselves in the fascinating stories of the past and gain a deeper understanding of how the island has developed into what it is today. With this innovative approach, the institute aims to inspire and encourage young people to learn more about Bonaire’s history and its influence on current culture and society.

Research and Projects

In a groundbreaking archaeological endeavor, led by Dr. Jay B. Haviser, Jackie Bernabela from the Department of Arts and Culture of the OLB, and students from the Bonaire Archaeological Institute, an indigenous Indian village has been unearthed in recent weeks on a site behind the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire, near Kralendijk.

The discovery, comprising six houses and various artifacts, sheds light on an advanced indigenous society thriving approximately 1000 years ago. Among the findings are evidence of circular wooden poles indicative of traditional Indian house foundations, alongside three pots containing human remains, including those of a toddler, likely used in burial rituals.

Dozens of pottery fragments further corroborate the presence of a bustling village, challenging previous assumptions about the size of Bonaire’s indigenous population before European arrival.

While part of the site will be preserved for future research, a portion is slated for a construction project post-excavation. This discovery marks a significant step forward in Caribbean archaeology for the ABC islands, offering deeper insights into Bonaire’s rich indigenous history.


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